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Welcome! The contents of this site are experimental implementations of ideas and concepts created by the members of the F.D.+E. committee of SAE. They are primarily meant for the use of the FD+E members, but anyone is welcome to view the work and make comments. You are also very welcome to attend our committee meetings: See our committee site at FD+E Homepage www.fatigue.org .

The materials presented here are NOT SAE official documents, and are only meant as working documents, with the usual working document errors. The material should not be used for any other purposes except research.

The FD+E Committee is part of the Society of Automotive Engineers : SAE Homepage

New, somewhat:

How to do a Fatigue Analysis

Material Fatigue Curves and Calculations

Load Histories:

Stress Raisers, Notches and FEA


Fatigue Case Studies and Calculations

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On-line Software/Information:

Fatigue Data File Format Standards:

Fatigue Bibliography Project:

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