FD+E Weld Challenge 5: 2x2 Tube Beam with Weld Bead with and without Shot Peening

Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee members: R.Stephens
Web Page: https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/CaseStudies/Weld5_Iowa/weld5_Iowa.html
Data Reference: Contributed to Fatigue Design and Evaluation committee by Prof. R.Stephens
Tested at Univ. of Iowa

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      Presented to FD+E members by Prof. R. Stephens, Univ. of Iowa

                       Weld Challenge 5

 Please see the fatigue.org website for details:

or a Back-up Copy


The material is a SAE1010.

Crack Initiation:
Strain controlled ASTM E606 axial specimen test results SAE 1010 low carbon Steel
can be found at: https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/Materials/Steel/Lowcarbon/lowcarbon.html
Crack Propagation: Not reported.


Details available here:

or a Back-up Copy

Load History


   (to be documented )


Test Results

# Experimental test results


    Load Ampl.(N)      Experiment Cycles to Failure
    -------------      --------------------------

   (to be documented )


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