FD+E Weld Challenge DoubleLapWeld: Welded Double Lap Joint

Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee members: T.Cordes, P.Dindinger
Web Page: https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/CaseStudies/DoubleLapWeld/doubleLapWeldChallenge1995.html


The 10mm thick plate material is a hot rolled SAE950X or HSLA 345X steel.

Crack Initiation:
Strain controlled ASTM E606 axial specimen test results for this SAE950X steel 
were cut from the plate. Test results courtesy of Phil Dindinger at Rexnord
can be found at https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/Materials/Steel/Hsla/dindingerSAE950X_1995.html Crack Propagation: CT specimen taken from the plates was tested at R=0.1 Graph of da/dN data Text file of da/dn data


See figure at begining of this page

Load History


A total of 4 specimens were tested in axial tension and compression with
the history shown below.

(Click figure to enlarge) Test file of unscaled history is available : csrBendFilt=43.txt with #Highs: 286.00000 #Lows : -238.00000 #Total lines= 3272 For scale factors see result table below.

Test Results

# Experimental test results and predictions:


#LifeBlocks     TestLoad        A      B1      B2      C      D
#             lbs      kN     -----------Ratio------------------
258.2        34813    155.7    0.3     14      1.9    3.4    0.83
277.         34804    155.7    0.3     14      1.9    3.4    0.83

1212.        24972    111.2    0.4     12.7    1.3    2.     0.85

2163.        20912     93.4    0.5     14      1.2    1.8    1.05


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