FD+E Weld Challenge 3: 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe with Hanger

Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee members: P.Lubinski, R.Chernenkoff, J.Bonnen
Web Page: https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/CaseStudies/Weld3_Exhaust/weld3_Exhaust.html
Data Reference: Contributed to Fatigue Design and Evaluation committee by ArvinMeritor
Tested at ArvinMeritor

Invitation (Sep. 2004)

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Subject: SAE FD+E Weld Challenge 3 for Oct. 2004 Meeting
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--To: SAE FD+E members interested in life prediction of welded structures

                       Weld Challenge 3

Prediction Challenge 3A:

  Paul Lubinski has kindly provided us with our latest
  challenge, this one involving an exhaust tube welded to
  a hanger.  Please see the fatigue.org website for details:

or a Back-up Copy This document contains everything you should need: drawings and picture of the test piece, material, constraint conditions, load application geometry, and the four different fully reversed load levels tested. The tests were conducted at room temperature, and the exaust tube and weld filler is 409 stainless while the wire is cold rolled SAE 1008/1010. All this, and more, are already in the file. The challenge is, again, to both predict the fatigue life and failure location on the test piece.


The pipe material is a 409 Stainless steel. The hanger rod material is SAE1008/1010 cold rolled steel.

Crack Initiation:
Strain controlled ASTM E606 axial specimen test results for 409 stainles 
can be found at

Information for materials similar to cold rolled SAE1008/1010 can be 
found  at 


Details available here:

or a Back-up Copy

Load History


A total of 16 specimens were tested to totally reversed (R=-1) 
constant amplitude load control input
at  load levels:

    4 specimens at  +- 1023 N amplitude

    4 specimens at  +-  845 N amplitude

    4 specimens at  +-  689 N amplitude

    4 specimens at  +-  578 N amplitude


Test Results

# Experimental test results

# R= -1.0


    Load Ampl.(N)      Experiment Cycles to Failure
    -------------      --------------------------

      1023                 72,000  +/-52,000
       845                390,000  +/-240,000

       689              1,110,000  +/-120,000

       578              3,000,000  +/-1,000,000


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