FD+E Weld Challenge 3: 409 Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe with Hanger

Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee members: C.Chu, J.Bonnen, R.Chernenkoff, Y.Song
Web Page: https://fde.uwaterloo.ca/Fde/CaseStudies/Bolt/bolt.html
Data Reference: Tested at Ford Sci. Res Lab. for F.D.E Bolt project.


Bolts holding sheet metal are a common design problem in the
ground vehicle industry. The figure above is of a bolt holding
down the box of an FDE member's pick-up truck and serves as an
example of a typical design problem. The challenge to the
FDE members and students is to predict failure life of a bolt described
in the introductory pdf below. Note that the bolt/sheet tested are not
from any ground vehicle part but were constructed specifically by FDE members
for this reseach project.

Introduction Available here (0.8Mb pdf)


Two sheet material were tested as described in the introduction.
Axial loaded crack initiation specimens were not tested from the
sheet specimens. The simulators are expected to provide their
own crack initiation life curves, or to use the materials available
on-line here:


See Introduction pdf above.

Load History


A total of X? specimens were tested to 
constant amplitude load control input.
Tests levels were:

    Test Load     Pmax      Pmin
                   N         N
    ---------     ----      ----

      T1          1500      -350

      T2          1000      -250

      T3           750      -200

      T4           500      -100

      T5           400       -75

      T6           300       -60


Test Results

# Experimental test results


       ( To be documented )

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