Case Studies 2: late Steel

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Data Reference: P.Heuler and T.Seeger, "Rechnerische und experimentelle Lebensdauer-
vorhersage am Beispiel eines geschweissten Bauteils,"
(Computer and experimental
fatigue life prediction for a welded structural component example.)
Konstruktion 35 1983 Heft 1, pp.21-26.


 Two Steel plates welded in a "T" (as seen in Cross-section). 
 Top of T is curved. Stem of T is in bending.
 Geometry is fairly complex.  Please see reference above for details.


The bottom flange steel is described as a BHW-25 (DIN 1.8802), while the web is
designated as a TT-StE32 (DIN 1.0851). It was not possible in the present work
to find the chemistry for these two steels nor an equivalent AISI or SAE designation.
Heuler and Seeger, however, do provide graphs of strain controlled fatigue test
results for specimens cut from the two steels and for the weld metal that joins
them. Data for the two steels and the weld metal are given in the files located here.

Load History (repeated):

Available here in F.D.E. loads database.

Test Results

To be documented.

# Experimental Plate Test Results: 
#      Test Level             Test Life  Blocks