F.D.E. Member Weld Challenge 2

(How good are you with a Real history?)

Here are the parameters for the weld challenge. Two variable amplitude load levels, using the grapple skidder torque history will have been run by the time of the next meeting.

First test:
19.2 times the loads in load file
(resulting peak load = 6106lbs).

We have at least two tests done.

Second test:
27.1 times the loads in the file.
(resulting peak load = 8618lbs).

Pete and I (John Bonnen) hope to have two tests (his will probably
be done -- I'm not sure my test frame can stand the 8618lb max loads.
The brace broke near the end of the last test.)

Load history location:



Details and a brief discussion showing the test piece fixturing (contraint) during testing can be found at



Incidentally, calibrating the "model" that you have to the previous results from Weld Challenge 1 is considered poor sportsmanship. One should make predictions without consideration of the error between one's prediction and previous results.


John Bonnen