How To Contribute

There is a great deal of data on the fatigue of materials buried in papers and theses over the last 50 years. The J.Y.Mann fatigue bibliography, which simply lists the titles and authors of fatigue related papers, contains over 80,000 citations, but none of the data is easily accessible to fatigue analysts. Usually data sets are published once (if at all) and then forgotten. It would be a more useful contribution to science and society if we, during (even better: before) publication of our theses and papers, could also "post" the data for anyone in the world to refer to in the future. Here are some suggestions how you can do this if you would like to use the format we have adopted in this experimental data structure.

On Your Own Web Sites:

  1. With your browser grab one of the files in this data base and Save it to some local file name.
  2. Print out the data in text form, and using the form as a guide, edit your own data into the same format. The data should be your own (make sure it isn't copyrighted to someone else), and thus you should add the GNU license type copyright statements at the top. The copyright itself can be listed as your own name, or as some people now do to the GNU Software Foundation or some other Society that has a long shelf-life and an altruistic frame of mind :)
  3. NOTE!:You should read and understand the GNU Open Source Free Software license before you use this technique.
  4. Post your text file (as a "filename.html" on your favorite web site in what ever manner you choose. If you wish, you can send us a http link address and we will add it to our index file on this site. Alternatively you can send the file to the F.D. & E. committee chairperson (presently jbonnen (a) ford.c o m ) for the Materials Property Sub-committee, and we will check the file and post it on this site.