FD+E SAE Overload Test Load Histories Used on SAE 1045 - Phase II

Ref.: J.J.F. Bonnen, "Multiaxial Fatigue Response of Normalized 1045 Steel
Subjected to Periodic Overloads: Experiments and Analysis," PhD Thesis, U. Waterloo, 1998.

These histories were used to test the Phase II material from the hardened
shaft round robin program.

Test Specimen: (J.Bonnen PhD thesis)

Strain History (repeated): (J.Bonnen PhD thesis)

As indicated in the figure above each test consists of a single
large overload/strain cycle followed by a number of smaller cycles which
share the same maximum strain as the overload cycle.

A block of cycles refers to one overload cycle plus eta small
cycles. In the tests the block was repeatedly applied until
the specimen failed or was deemed a "runout".

We hope that many people will try to predict the fatigue lives of these
specimens. You can find the constant amplitude material properties below.