F.D.& E. Experimental Fatigue life Prediction Program: saefcalc2e - For STRAIN inputs

Note! This calculator uses "Digital Curves" as material property inputs.

First Light: Nov.1 2004, Vers. 1.6 May2005

Programs for download:

If you wish to run this program on your own machine (get Linux or Solaris) and download & compile the above saefcalc2e.f.txt file. The program does not really take up a lot of cpu power, so an older PC converted to Linux is fine. You will also need to load gcc and g77 from the Linux disk. Also a good idea would be to load Apache (web sever) and gnuplot for graphics, but these are not an absolute requirement. If you want just an analysis all you will need is an editor, a g77 compiler and this program.

GNU Licensed Open Source Free Software . A complete copy of the GNU license is available from http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

After download it can be compiled and run with the statements:   

      mv saefcalc2e.f.txt saefcalc2e.f
      f77 -g saefcalc2e.f -o saefcalc2e

      ./saefcalc2e aa7075_fitted.txt < grpltorweld.rain.txt  >  temp

(you will need to create or download some of the "fitted" data files )

The output from saefcalc2e goes into a large results file that contains
all sorts of intermediate information plus the final results.  The final
result lines each have a "#name " at the begining of each line, and can
be extracted from the general file using grep, as below.

View all output:
       more temp

View life results:
       grep xcalc2 temp
       grep xcalc3 temp

View calculation matrix:
       grep xcalc1 temp

View stress-strain loops for plotting:

       grep plotloops temp | delete1arg >temploop

  Then use 

  In gnuplot type the commands:
           set grid
           plot "temploop" with lines 

  to get the hysteresis loop shapes.

View damage per input block:
       grep plotdam temp